Mostly Just Footwear.

I’ve always believed in one very standard function of all photography which is to hold the vision of the onlooker hostage to reality. It is no secret that the world we live in seems to be intoxicated in the opium of time, and the passage of it, and somehow, in the pursuit of this event... Continue Reading →


The Fathers and Sons of Sacred Games.

In Episode 8, of the First season of the Netflix special, Sacred Games, the show introduces the viewers to the concept of Yayati―a strain of thought that runs deep into the tangled tales of the gang-leader, Ganesh Gaitonde, and the mediocre cop, Sartaj Singh. A character, played by Pankaj Tripathi, positions the Yayati complex as... Continue Reading →

Neither Romeo, Neither Raj.

when i was little about four or five, and the world to me, was coming alive, in illusions moving, in illusions bright, the princesses, roses the glass they were kept behind, only appeared to me, in a chemical light; love never rested against my shutting eyes, like afternoons, on Indian Summer, the heat, caresses, of... Continue Reading →

Reflections on Brooklyn 99.

Summer is here, and I've been watching a lot of Netflix. Finally caught up to Brooklyn 99, and wrote something about it for ze blog. In reading the show, Hitchcock and Scully were particularly interesting to place within the context of the voting trends in America, in the past five years, with the coming of... Continue Reading →

Update on the inquiry into Ultralight Beam.

I am a religious sceptic, and yet, there's something very pleasing in the religiosity of the song. Well, there are the obvious Biblical references, and the brilliantly made-use-of 'child delivering a sermon.' Well, a child obviously ensures the conceptualisation of a beginning, and the sermon confirms the interaction of Nature, and Nurture, where Nature comes... Continue Reading →

An Inquiry Into Conflicts, and Memories.

Returning to Amritsar, soon after the trickle-down violence of the Operation Blue Star, the festival of murder, he couldn’t stop himself from wanting to visit Darbar Sahib once. Even though he had resolved to never step into the place of worship after Bhindranwala had first morphed it into a militia fortress, he still went on.... Continue Reading →

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